Storage, Detail & Retail



Opened in 2010 and backed by 10 yrs experience in the industry we have learned what does and does not work. We have a passion for making your vehicle pristine the first time every time and are proud to be setting the standard in Auto, Marine & RV detailing. The team at EZN Storage & Detail is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. You can look forward to a meticulous job with us paying attention to every detail no matter how small or large.

EZN Storage & Detail is owned and operated by Dustin Jackson. Dustin has over 10 years detailing experience many of which were spent specializing in wet sanding and polish.

He saw a need for automotive, boat, RV and commercial rig detailing in the Saraland area and quickly expanded out to all of Mobile and Baldwin counties and now includes a Mobile Unit Service. Initially started in a small shop off Shelton Beach Road and expanded to the old Ford Lumber building. He then added more storage space and a full retail store to include marine and RV supplies, along with several lines of clothing apparel.

Fulfilling the customers wants and needs are most important. We believe in quality, experience, knowledge, and you must have a passion for what you do!

Affordable Detailing

There is more to detailing than just basic washing and waxing. With new paint being more complex than ever having an in-depth knowledge of paint finish and texture on cars, boats and RV’s is extremely important in not harming the paints clear/gel coat and ensuring exceptional service. We have studied many different types and applications of manufacturers paint procedures enabling us to use and do the very best for your vehicle.

At EZN our clients can enjoy our fast and friendly service, easy and comfortable scheduling and the convenience of our mobile unit service.


Our facilities offer safe, secure, and professional boat and RV storage at our convenient location just off of I-65. Our professional staff has been specially trained in providing you exceptional customer service to ensure that your Boat and/or RV is in the best hands.